As every other person who writes blogs, this is the introduction to a small section in my site where I will be publishing things that inspire me when designing a game, as well as awaken my passion for this industry. I will not be writing a blog. This is going to be a space for me to share with you thoughts, quotes, articles, videos and anything else that has played a part in this adventure and process of finding my place in the industry I love. Welcome to what I like to call my digital cork blackboard.

Those who are already in the gaming industry understand how it’s a lot more than staying up to date with the newest games and tendencies. This is an industry that requires passion, committment and a lot of long nights working for a project to work and take the shape we need it to have.

Welcome and feel free to comment and share your opinions, ideas or anything else you’d like to contribute for this corner of the Internet I like to call my own.

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Chris Muriel

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