Awesome News!

I want to share with everyone out there some great news I received this week: One of the projects I was working on last year as a Game Designer has been nominated as a Finalist for Excellence in Narrative for the 16th Annual Independent Game Festival.

Paralect was my good friend Loan Verneau’s thesis project at USC.

This was one of the first projects I started working on at the beginning of my MFA at USC’s Interactive Media Division. I am overwhelmed with happiness, gratitude and respect for the wonderful team members who helped make this a great game. I’m most grateful to Loan for trusting me to be a part of it. There are no words to describe how awesome it is to know a project you worked very hard on has been nominated for an award.
From Loan’s webpage I want to share a quick description of what Paralect is: “Paralect is my [Loan Verneau’s] thesis project at USC, playable on Mac and Windows. It explores the paradigm shifts one experiences when going living in another culture. The game arc is based on my personal experience and uses surrealist aesthetics and narrative to communicate on multiple levels about cultural plurality.”
A special shoutout to Avimaan Syam who worked on the narrative and is also an awesome guy.
Make sure to check out IGF’s webpage if you want to know what other games are nominated in this and other categories. For a downloadable version of Paralect, please visit Loan’s webpage.
Happy Saturday, everyone!