10633462_10152772484552460_4759113565018008436_oChris Muriel is an award-winning game designer currently living in San Diego, California. He has an MFA in Game & Interactive Media Design from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, where he worked closely with both faculty members and fellow IMD students in research and thesis projects. In 2013, he became an IGDA 2013 Scholar with the opportunity to attend the GDC in San Francisco. This unique opportunity was a life-changing experience that has motivated him to continue learning about the industry and looking for new ways to create games and make an impact.

In 2017 he became part of the Sony Interactive Entertainment team as a Game Designer.

His skillset comes from a lifetime of gaming, as well as having collaborated in a wide range of activities, such as interactive short films, video game design, and even programming. This experience, on top of having international exposure and a background in research, have shaped him into a versatile and committed person who is always looking for new challenges.

Chris’s vision for the future is developing new ways in which people can interact with games.